Hashim Akib : Acrylic Seascape with boats.

Working as an illustrator for over 15 years, Hashim gained valuable experience in developing a backbone of drawing
conceptual ideas and painting techniques. His client list varied from The Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail,
Time Magazine an advertising campaign for Smirnoff and a stamp for the Royal Mail. Having left illustration behind he
became more interested in developing his own paintings and started exhibiting, demonstrating and running painting
 workshops. He is now a represented artist and has won numerous awards including the 20009 SAA (Society of All Artists)
 Artist of the Year .His first book ’Vibrant Acrylics’ was released in 2012 and a new book on ‘Painting Cityscapes’ has been
published this year. He is a regular contributor to The Artist and Illustrators magazine as well as writing articles for The Artist,
 International Artist and Art in England.A busy man !

At this meeting Hashim produced a very colourful, textural, interesting boat scene. He explained everything he was doing in an
engaging and informative way and made it look very easy in a short time frame.He used Amsterdam Acrylics, Jacksons Liquitex,
a paddle brush and flat head brushes. As is usual for his technique he used the paints virtually neat with only just enough
water to dampen the brushes and worked on a canvas. He always puts lots of base paint colour onto the canvas in an assertive
 fashion to get started and recommends doing the opposite of what is expected eg vertical strokes downwards for water.
 He aims to be different which he explained is the order of the day in professional life…eye catching and individual.
To repeat what others are doing is predictable and boring.Hashim loads his brushes with colour and applies it in an erratic,
peppered fashion without drawing out first or being too accurate as this tends to look naff and overworked he thinks.
 He covers and drags the colours working quickly and tightening up details later. He was once a tidy, very patient artist he said
but got bored and now prefers exciting, quick strokes drawing as he goes and often working to deadlines which creates
 tension! He never glazes his work as he feels this dulls the colours.

This demonstration was very enjoyable, stimulating and inspiring.