BADAS Meeting September 17th 2019

The Weatherley Centre, Biggleswade

Hashim Akib : People in Acrylics

Hashim Akib is a firm favourite with our Society and was last with us on August 21st
 2018 when he demonstrated a sunny street scene in acrylic. Please
refer to that summary of his career so far and also descriptions of
his technique, materials etc. As ever he was energetic, full of tips
and advice, very skilful and very entertaining to watch.
 This time he chose to demonstrate two people in acrylic beginning with the full face of a
man wearing a hat. Using a large square canvas pre painted in bright
yellowish green, his favourite Daler Rowney System 3 brushes and
Amsterdam student grade acrylics he set to work in his usual bold and
brisk way mostly with large ,flat head 1.5” brushes .With bold
applications of yellow/orange bias he began to mould shapes, playing
with colour in short, sharp strokes ,never blending as this would
flatten the work. He applied a rich mix of bright colours to start
with and then shaped his image with neutrals. The colours gradually
mix together and soften creating the contemporary style that he
Hashim used his own photos for inspiration, he never clings strictly to an image
preferring instead to work in a spontaneous, loose and spirited way
to capture an impression of someone rather than every wrinkle. He is
not interested in detail.
He aims not to overthink his work and says his best efforts materialise when he is
experimenting in is studio, painting freely which is what he
encourages everyone to do. He takes regular breaks when working to
allow the paints to dry and prevent smudging. 
His second photo was of a seated woman which he tackled with subtle greys, blues, 
purples and orange highlights. His approach was to cover the whole canvas creating the entire image with the main features set out from the start. He used the Japanese idea of notan – dark and lights to cut in for definition/shadows illustrating the passage of light. He encourages painters to
ignore mistakes rather than focusing on them and overworking…..returning to adjust once
the whole image is present. Highlights were left until last as is usual to lift and define features.