Future Meetings

We have had to cancel our Paint and Natter session for September due to low numbers, and are re-assessing

the viability of further sessions. Please check the website regularly for updates


Following the final easing of coronavirus restrictions, we have been in touch once again with the Weatherley Centre

with a view to resuming our monthly sessions. The centre will continue to be used for vaccinations until early next year,

but they are hoping that they will be able to accommodate us when we are ready to return.

However, with the daily number of new infections still being so high we feel that we should be cautious about resuming

meetings, where we are likely to have an average of 50 people sitting at close quarters in a small room. In addition,

because of the uncertainty as to what effect the winter months will have on infection rates, we have decided to wait until April,

when we plan to resume meetings with our postponed AGM.


This first meeting would be shorter than the usual two hours -but it will give you all a chance to catch up with everyone.

Please be assured that we are as keen as you are to get back to being a fully functioning Art Society once again,

but we hope that you understand that we have a responsibility to keep our members safe in these difficult times.